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Book cover example. UK Book Cover Designer for Ebook and Kindle.

Welcome to AoS Covers

Welcome to AoS Covers! I'm Paul, your dedicated book cover designer, specialising in crafting visually appealing covers and managing internal layouts for indie authors and small publishers.

Explore my competitive packages, which include full-wrap covers for paperbacks, Kindle covers, and audiobooks. Need promotional materials? I can also design eye-catching publicity posters to boost your book's visibility.

A bit about me: I founded AoS Covers to meet the demands of indie authors seeking striking designs at budget-friendly rates. Curious about my journey into book cover design? Read more about my background here.

Cover Design

You've conquered the writing, and now the crucial steps begin—publishing and selling.

To ensure your book's success, it must stand out in a crowded market. A compelling book cover catches a reader's eye, enticing them to delve into the blurb and sample the first few pages—a crucial step toward securing that all-important first sale.

Remember, readers judge books by their covers. Creating a positive first impression sets the stage for engaging with potential new readers. 

Book cover example. UK Book Cover Designer for Ebook and Kindle.

Internal Layout
Book layout matters. Having text that is properly justified and flows across the page will make a reader’s experience more pleasant. They’ll be more engaged with your work and enjoy the experience.

Many tools provide automated book layouts; however, these lack a human eye. When I layout the text, we pay special attention to getting the text position just right. We can also add elements such as images and text ornamentation.

An effective layout optimises paper use too. This can reduce your page count, impacting production costs and benefiting the environment.

Book cover example. UK Book Cover Designer for Ebook and Kindle.

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